Ode to the woman in the Portlandia intro

February 7, 2012

Oh, brown-eyed woman in the Portlandia intro

even though your show is not super well-known

and you probably aren’t even an actress

I love you.

Your smirk.

Your bleach white hair

Gelled sleekly to the side.

You look smug, yet happy.

I don’t know if it’s you or the stark contrast to the man with the huge afro shown before you,

or the old man smoking the cigarette just after you.

I am made to assume that you are the typical Portlander

and soon I will be too.

Maybe it’s the music

This show’s brief moment of quality

contrasted with the summarily drab content.

That drum beat over your image

is synchronized with the beat of my heart.

Maybe it’s the panning shots of Portland,

the hazy green filter that makes everything green.

My favorite color, as you will soon know,

when I find you.

Russell Matney

Russell Matney

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