6 Web Technologies I Use Everyday

We are overwhelmed with web technologies these days, each promising to make you even more productive than the last. Here are a few that I actually do find useful, and how:

Evernote is a cloud-based collection of documents designed to help you remember. I have lists (to do lists, movies to see, books to read, etc.) that I’m always adding to and pulling from, notes for writing projects, meetings, or conferences, and just about everything else. I use it almost every day to write on the subway (via their iPhone app), but highly recommend downloading the desktop application too. Don’t you just love syncing things?

Trello is an incredible tool (with great UX) for organizing anything. If the static docs on Evernote aren’t flexible enough for your changing needs, Trello is the answer. Think of Trello as a wipe board that you can tape blank cards and labels to. On each card is an item, and by clicking on one, you can add checklists, pictures, or more info to the back. The categorization is intuitive and completely moldable to your needs. I use Trello primarily for my massive to do list, as it helps me separate development and writing work, and maintain priorities without losing the smaller details of projects. Also, multiple people can be assigned to each board, making it perfect for managing a larger group project.

Spotify + Facebook gives you access to tons of music for free online, which is cool enough when I don’t have my full iTunes at work. What I love the most is the ease of sharing songs. Never has sending a song to a friend been easier than a quick drag-and-drop. You can also publish playlists for others, or build collaborative ones. Yes, it is that awesome.

AppsGoneFree is an iPhone and iPad app that shows which apps are free, only for that day. It is a great way to get free apps and games, and I use it primarily for the ease of exposure to the latest trends in the App Store. The apps they feature must have a 3-star rating or higher, and every so often an already popular app is Bumped to free.

The latest update to Mountain Lion incorporated iMessage into its Messages App, and now all my iMessage text messages come straight to my computer in the same place as my Gmail and Aim Chats, where I can respond without having to use my phone. I am SUPER happy about this.

The Pinterest Pin-It Bookmark is my favorite way to hold onto great art/funny memes/any interesting images on the web. If you don’t already use Pinterest, check it out. Click the bookmark while on any website and drop it on one of your boards for showing-off later.

Honorable Mention: DropBox, Chrome’s Bookmarks and Syncing (or any browser, really), Readability (read articles offline with no ads! It’s amazing!), and TweetDeck (for organizing all those Twitter Accounts you follow).