Email Subscriptions That I Actually Like

I hate getting spam, and I love Unsubscribing from email chains. In fact, I do it on an immediate, get-this-out-of-my-inbox-I-never-want-to-see-you-again basis. But there are some that make me just glow, and I thought I’d share the happier side of email with you guys. These are my favorites.

Webdesigner Depot’s monthly newsletter. The consistency of the great content in WD’s newsletter actually inspired this blog post. I recommend signing up as well as checking out the past issues. You can do both here.

10 Things You Need to Know This Morning. I found this through this IFTTT Recipe, but really it comes from Business Insider every weekday. It’s a wonderful daily tech-business review, and the IFTTT Recipe delivers the ten lines as text rather than images, which makes it a quick load and an informative, 30-second read (or more if you want to follow any of the links).

Udemy’s Course of the week. Udemy is a great place to take online courses that will teach you how to be whatever you want to be. I use it primarily for programming languages and the adobe creative suite, but it’s a great place to find quality tutorials for anything, at any learning level. The course of the week announced via email is discounted and usually enticing.

Smashing Newsletters. Bimonthly, and covering all that Smashing Magazine covers (Coding, Design, Mobile, Graphics, UX, Wordpress), these newsletters are great places to review the latest in web trends.

Of course, if you don’t like email or can’t wait for the next one, aggregates RSS feeds from a variety of tech and web design sources.