Front-end dev, UXMas, 3D Printing, TL;DR, HackDesign

A few months ago I found a great overview of tools for Front-end Developers. It’s pretty link-heavy, but contains a lot of great information for anyone (like me) looking to go from kinda, sorta developer to Fully-On Nerd-Alert Developer Central. If you’re not exactly there but interested, it might be a good to see just what the hell we’re always talking about. Most recently, I’m getting a hang of Javascript, Github, and the command line, and I’m looking forward to trying some CSS preprocessing with LESS and/or SASS.

Last month, a beautiful little advent calendar went up at UXMas, along with 24 great articles about User Experience Design. They are pretty solid so far (I have a few left) and I recommend the mp3 effect and this Zen and the Art of UX the most, though I feel the User Experience of Wine might interest the majority of you.

The mp3 effect article I mentioned raises an interesting point about 3D printing that hit me like a wall last week. Within the next 5 or 10 years, we will see a massive rise of affordable 3d printers and 3d printing material. We will download artsy little blueprints online, and send them to our printers before tonight’s dinner, and we will be able to completely customize our own coffee mugs in the comfort of our own home. One thing to keep in mind, and the point of the article: as with the mp3, convenience comes at the cost of quality.

“TL;DR” is, to me, a reference to college text books. This site, toolong-didntread, gives complete news stories in about 3 sentences, and covers every major topic. And just look at that design! You can’t mouse over that menu without at least a little bit of subconscious euphoria.

From that design reference, a segway to another one: is putting on a free design crash course for hackers. For you internet illiterate, these days, ‘hack’ really just means ‘throw together in a short amount of time, but in a programmy-, web-sense’ and ‘design’ means ‘make things that are well thought-out that also look like they are well thought-out.’ I’m excited to see what the course has to offer.