New York Tech Meetup, Image Search, Good Karma, Layout + Typography, Angular JS, and Code School

Lots of goodies for you this week, mah nerds. I’ll try to keep it concise.

Last week was the New York Tech Meet-up for March, and my company Moveline gave one of the featured demos. There’s a quick mini-review here that touches on it. Besides Clarity (an app to help teachers and parents cross the language barrier) and Yext (a location-control resource for businesses), one demo of note came from Shutterstock, who is trying to fix image search. Their Labs page features two different options, Spectrum and Instant, both of which are great tools for anyone looking for the perfect piece of stock art. Check them out and take a look at that colorful bubbling beaker on their Labs page.  The bubbles are pop-able! I love it.

This weekend I got finally got my Karma! Karma is a pay-as-you-go wifi hotspot. I’m super excited to see someone finally solving the global wifi problem. Anywhere you can get 4G, your Karma will give you wifi that you pay for based on what you use, not some monthly subscription. Other people can use your hotspot too, without it costing you more. In fact, if other people sign up through your Karma, you both get 100 mb for free. It’s a sweet deal for anyone who travels and works, and it can fit in your pocket.

I found two nice tools for teaching css and typography this week. Since I’m way behind in my HackDesign course, these helped to placate me, as they are both quick yet very helpful. Learn CSS Layout and the Interactive Guide to Blog Typography are both very practical and well-written guides on exactly what they claim. I recommend both to any designer or developer.

We got into AngularJS at work last week, and I am LOVING it. The ease of data-binding and the speed of the filters and live DOM editing is incredible. I built a demo this weekend that still looks scrappy, but that I’m hoping to get up live somewhere soon. It pulls in little stories from my tumblr and lays them out like bricks, and is fully filterable/searchable. I’m hoping to add some ordering and maybe some minor gaming elements. We’ll see if I have time for that.

AngularJS is awesome for many reasons, and right now we are loving the ease of testing. Our development at Moveline is very Test-Driven, and we are proud. I’m trying to carry the practice into all of my own development, because it saves SO much time in the long run if you have the up-front patience. It makes refactoring so easy, and if you break code moving things around, you know immediately. Having tests is so nice.

Anyway, check out AngularJS. Here are some TutsPlus highlights, and two great guides from Year of Moo. Oh and why not, here’s an extra about full-spectrum testing with AngularJS and Testacular.

I just found Rails for Zombies, and that took me toward CodeSchool, which teaches all the things I want to know right now: JavaScript by Framework, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, iOS. I’ll find the time to dive in and let you know how it goes.

Other upcoming topics I’ll get to in the next few months: Templating Technologies (Slim? Haml? Jade? Handlebars? Isn’t Angular enough? And what is Jekyll?), AngularJS vs EmberJS, CSS-preprocessing with LESS and SASS (I just wrote my first LESS files last week, and I’ll never be the same.), and, of course, some of my favorite Vim Plugins and shortcuts. For now: I just discovered that hitting Shift+Command+T in Chrome will open up the last window you opened, aka the window I close accidentally all the time.