Love your email app and find the legendary INBOX ZERO every day

We spend so much time in our inboxes these days, why not make the most of it? I only recently moved away from Gmail’s browser app for all my communication, and it has made my daily workflow smoother and less overwhelming.

First of all, get to inbox zero! It’s only a few clicks away! Mark all as read and just be done with it! Then, most importantly, start two habits: Unsubscribing from email you don’t care about, and set up filters to mark those you don’t read as read. For me that means finally unsubscribing from worthless PlayStation Network emails I don’t read, and setting up filters for Github repos I supposedly “watch.” You’ll be much happier! And you’ll free up time for the important things. And there’s a certain bit of satisfaction I get when I unsubscribe. It almost tastes like…freedom.

I’m now using Sparrow as my native Mac email app. You can get it here for free. It looks like you have to pay, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a download link on the left. Toy around with it if you get a chance. I was told they were recently bought by Google and have since stopped development, but the app as-is serves my needs without the memory-eating overhead of a Chrome tab. Take advantage of the keyboard controls, they’re pretty sweet.

[Side-note: I’m loving the try-for-free, pay-later-if-you-want business model. I’m not sure if it’s the best for making money, but when companies trust their product enough to let it sell itself, it produces tons of advocates. See also: Sublime Text.]

My recent favorite is a mobile email app called Mailbox. It operates on the inbox zero philosophy, helping you reach the golden 0 every single day. It’s done wonders for my scheduling, priorities, and focus. First, you move all your mail into an archive (called “All Mail”). From then on, any mail that comes into your inbox can be archived with a swipe to the right. With a short swipe to the left, you can “Snooze” the email, which allows you to set a time at which the email will pop back into your inbox, like new. This leads to me dealing with important things immediately, putting off fun things to the weekend, and scheduling ticketing/event based emails for the day of the event (meetings, Amtrak tickets, and concert necessities will sit quietly until the right time). I never thought the native iOS mail app was broken, but now I feel like Mailbox fixed it. And it’s free (once you’re done waiting in line).

Get on top of your email. It’ll make you happy. I’m sure there are more fancy little email apps out there! Share if you love any.