Staying UX to date

A little tech-sposure never hurt anyone. Well, almost anyone. A few quick hits: Staying up to date on the front-end, and some good UX examples (UXamples?) plus readings.

There’s a great little one-pager laying out the recipe for how any front-end developer or code monkey can stay up to date in this constantly evolving world of web dev. Check it out here. TL;DR: follow twitter taste-makers, sign up for relevant weekly emails, go to conferences, and find your own sources. My advice would be to spend some time every week building with something new. One tutorial and one talk per week, no excuses. Mine this week: an awesome PhoneGap + Angular tutorial and a talk about how exactly a browser turns your code into a webpage.

If you’re living in NYC, Poncho is an amazing text-or-email-per-day weather app that has everyone in my office talking. Even if you’re not in the city, checkout the design/sign-up flow. There’s some pretty awesome CSS stuff going on there, and the form feels so effortless. Gets my giant GOOD UX stamp of approval.

Matt Gemmell wrote a really great blog post about designing blogs for readers. What you need, what you don’t need, typography, examples, etc. I’ll definitely be referring to it when I find the time to rebuild this blog, a project that at the moment is scheduled for “Never”.

For some nitty-gritty UX, I found this post on Mind Maps by Jenny Grinblo. Mind-maps are a great way to break down your idea/product into user stories, which should be driving design/development anyway. I should use one for the redesign I’m never going to get to. I won’t, but I should.