From Wordpress to Jekyll + Github Pages and loving it

A project I put off for almost a year, and it took just a few hours.

I moved my blog(s) from Wordpress to Jekyll, a ruby gem that builds blogs from Markdown and templates. I’m very excited to get away from the plugin, php, and interface gridlock of Wordpress.

Not that wordpress is a bad option, I’ve used and recommended it for years. It’s just that I’m a developer, and Jekyll feels like the right mix of exacto-knife html/css/javascript control and nerdy bliss that I’ve been missing.

And, now that I have such happy exact control, I can easily add awesome things like this right into blog posts!

Jekyll has many awesome, open-source features that you can add at your leisure, not the least of which were some nice converters for porting all my Wordpress and Tumblr posts into here. (As long as you’re not command-line shy.)

On top of all that, I’m getting free hosting through Github Pages! That’s right, this website at my custom domain was only the cost of the domain itself, plus some Cname and A record adjusting.

TL;DR: Jekyll is awesome. If you’re trying to get it up and running yourself, I’m happy to help troubleshoot. Hopefully, you’ve already got Ruby installed. If not… well, hey, we can figure it out.