Hot damn, hot corners!


Hot Corners are a feature of OSX that let you easily move between open windows, apps, and your desktop.

Hot Corners are clutch in a few specific scenarios:

How to Enable

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click Mission Control in the top row
  3. Click Hot Corners… on the bottom left

A small menu will drop down, with four select menus, one for each corner.

To find your bearings, a quick test:

If you found your way back here, congratulations! Now we can behind the backs of everyone who didn’t.

Toggle that desktop!

The Desktop Hot Corner will show your desktop, or take you back to wherever you just were when you touch it. This is also my favorite Hot Corner usage - especially when you add in that you can use Hot Corners while you’re clicking-and-dragging files around, which makes it easy to drag files to and from your desktop in between other apps.

There are a few other Hot Corner options:

Both of these are helpful when clicking-and-dragging, as we are want to do.

Pro-tip: You can also switch between Apps with command + Tab, and windows with command + ~ (Tilda).