Spaces: The Infinite Frontier


Spaces are a built in mechanism for keeping your application windows in separate buckets.

For example, one space could hold your social messaging apps/tabs while another holds your work-related apps.

Control over them stems from Mission Control, and is configured via System Preferences > Mission Control.

Get a handle on them

Crucial to taking advantage of spaces is getting a handle on Gestures, and then the available features in Mission Control.


  1. Three-finger swipe up to open Mission Control
  2. Click and hold on an Application (A Chrome window, for example)
  3. Drag to:
    • An already-open Space
    • To the upper right-hand corner to create a new one
    • To the right of an existing space, to create a full-screen App

Handy features

To Delete a space:

  1. Open Mission Control
  2. Move mouse up to spaces
  3. Wait for the little X to appear in the upper left of a space
  4. Click it or ticket.

Who needs a Dashboard?

The Dashboard might be useful to some people…

If you want to disable it as a space, play with the Dashboard setting in System Preferences > Mission Control.