GROK: Haxl from Facebook

Two here that are close enough to the same: a github repo and an article on its origins

GROK: Open-sourcing Haxl: A library for Haskell

GROK: facebook/Haxl (github repo)


Lately I’m interested in separation of concerns at the app level, specifically distinguishing task/instruction implementation from a domain-specific compiler for optimizing batches of those operations (grouping requests, rate-limiting, etc). This is especially useful in a functional programming mindset because of the typical emphasis on defining stateless functions.

Facebook has proved itself to be a powerful engineering force (GraphQL, React, etc.). I’ve been quite impressed with the literature Facebook’s engineering provides around its projects as well. I’m pushing the functional stuff for myself lately (Haskell, Elm). So this seems like a great project to explore.


Media Outlet (facebook dev blog), published June 10, 2014



I found a reference to this while looking up a Github issue for graphql. I was actually looking for information related to merging graphql schemas. Found and pocketed this along the way. Issue link.



can automatically:
- group multiple requests into a single one
- concurrently request data from multiple
- cache previous requests
accomplished via:
- implicit concurrency via Applicative functors
- implicit caching means soundness and modularity for free

Implicit Concurrency

Implicit Caching