Collected Clojure Resources

April 24, 2020

Clojure developers love to say that Clojure is simple. It definitely gets to the point where things make sense to work with, but dealing with a new language ecosystem is always about learning the trivia of what the name of the routing library is. Finding the initial set of resources along that learning curve is difficult!

Most of the motivation for this list is to find MORE resources for learning clojure - if you know of any that were instrumental to your own growth, please share.

Reference Bookmarks

I leave these as pinned tabs for quick access.

  • Clojure Cheatsheet
    • My first stop for something that I already learned in another language. For example, how do I test that this substring is part of a larger string?
  • ClojureScript Cheatsheet
    • Same as the above, for cljs.
  • The Clojure Toolbox
    • Arguably, a much larger and more complete version of this blog post


Editor Tooling

  • clojure-emacs git-org
    • It's worth taking a look at most repos in here, if you're an emacs user and clojure developer


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