A new Medium, and how to write a poem

April 2, 2013

I needed a change in my writing. I don't know how I knew. Sometimes you just do. This month, an old friend and I are going 30/30. I haven't done any research yet but I'm pretty sure that means: One poem per day every day this month. So far I'm 3/3 and enjoying it.

I posted my poem from Day 1 on Medium, the ostentatiously (\$100 word, i know!) titled: How To Write A Poem. I will be uploading more random writings over the next month and beyond right exactly here.

Medium is nice. I wish I could have done it more anonymously, but it is tied into twitter, which didn't make it easy to change that photo. I could have created a fake twitter account, but hit a brick wall of laziness topped with new account name and password barbed-wire. Medium's formatting bugged me a bit, especially pasting from Word, but I found some work arounds to fix the double-spacing it enforced. (Muahaha. Textfield hacks, anyone? Highlight everything, turn "quote-block" on, then off again. [UPDATE: Shift+Enter does away with the extra spacing. As with almost every blog-text editor these days. face palm])

If you're in a rut, jump forms, and write some poems. Sometimes it's easier and can open you up. You don't even need complete sentences or any excuse for putting down random words. Have some fun!

Russell Matney

Russell Matney

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