August 15, 2020

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Not quite into solid daily notes yet, most likely because I have another journal, so I'm not sure what goes here. Though I'm sure it's something!

Maybe this is where I can put everything for the day - capture should land in here. That'd require changing the way org-protocol works, which just got attention yesterday and so is on the usual 10-day cooldown.

Here to share a bit about how I just realized github gists are roughly equivalent to repos. This is how to install a bash-based spotify client that's actually pretty full featured!

git clone https://gist.github.com/fa6258f3ff7b17747ee3.git
cd ./fa6258f3ff7b17747ee3
chmod +x sp
sudo cp ./sp /usr/local/bin/

Is this too much work to ask of the average user? It's strangely easier to write up this journal than actually accomplish this. I think it's flow related.

Could reach for some interactive installer, and maybe this guy will add his result to it. Makes me think of the next level for things like tldr, fzf, yay.

-- 2020-08-16 22:41

new repo: russmatney/dialog-systems

Dialog Systems exploration

Playing with storytelling via fennel and love 2d

Massively inspired by some recent games, including Katana Zero's dialog system!

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