Org-roam Commands To Know

June 8, 2020

See more Org-roam onboarding notes here.

These are commands that I started using on day one, and still make up almost all of my org-roam usage.

  • org-roam-find-file

    Find or create a new note

  • org-roam-insert

    Insert a link at the current point. You can visually select content to serve as the link before creating the link as well (recommended.)

  • org-roam-today/tomorrow/yesterday

    Creates a note for the current date. Seems to be more convenience than anything. I expect it to function as a journal a bit, and lead to more notes being ported out of here.

Used less often, but useful as well:

  • org-roam-db-build-cache

    Whenever I switch machines, my sqlite db tells me it is read-only, presumably because it has given itself over to my other machine's user.

    I usually manually delete the db from my roam direcctory and then call this to rebuild.

  • org-roam-graph

    On my machine this built and then opened a graphviz version of my roam files. Pretty sweet! I have not yet implemented org-protocol, so can't nav that way, but even just seeing it is a win.

    There are some deps required for this to work. Docs are here: https://org-roam.github.io/org-roam/manual/Graphing.html#Graphing


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