Emacs Onboarding Resources

July 6, 2020

Emacs has a pretty high onboarding cost. Getting started can be tough, depending on your expectations and whether or not you are close with someone else already familiar. Getting help and seeing emacs used well in person makes a huge difference in learning and onboarding time. If you can, I recommend getting exposure to how it can be done!

As with most highly useful and old tech, there is already a community of people and resources that provide immense value. A big part of getting started is taking the time to collect and curate your resources, and setting yourself up for the long haul. To me, that means finding useful blogs, email newsletters, subreddits, slacks/discords/ircs that you can lurk on. This lets you start tracking the progress and current conversations in the community over time, and you'll start to learn that there is a wide-spectrum to each community. Just like the javascript ecosystem, you really just want to start running with the pack, and soon enough you'll be moving on to learning the next thing with everyone else.

Here, I'm collecting useful emacs docs and resources.

  • [[https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/][/r/emacs]]

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