Customize Spotify via spicetify-cli

September 21, 2020

Below are rough notes covering customization of your spotify client via spicetify-cli. The stream was recorded and is available here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/749039165


Spicetify is a tool that allows you to customize the face of your spotify desktop client.

Spotify uses electron as a base, so the client is roughly a web-app.

Spicetify provies some tooling to support a dev experience on top of the client itself:

  • Enables dev-mode, allowing element inspection and reload/refreshing
  • Inject custom css, html, and javascript (themes, extension, and apps)

Stream outline:

  • Show discovery via /r/unixporn

  • Install spicetify-cli on linux (via directions in repo)

  • Enable and Apply a custom theme or two

  • Dribbblish extra install step and demo

  • enable and test extensions

    • full-screen
    • shuffle+
  • enable and test reddit custom app

    • add a few subreddits: triphop, jazzhop, idm

Some nice wins:

  • nice set of themes to choose from
  • simple discovery of new music via reddit custom app
  • keyboardShortcuts.js extension
    • add vimium-style keyboard shortcuts to spotify


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